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Mali prohibits German military aircraft from its Airspace

Mali bars German military aircraft from flying in its Airspace [Image: courtesy]
Mali—The Malian leadership has barred a military plane from Germany with 75 soldiers onboard from hovering over the country’s space late Thursday.

A move that saw the plane from Europe change route to Gran Canaria according to the German defense ministry.

International reports revealed that the military aircraft was on its way from a German airbase to a logistics hub in Niamey in Niger when it was told it could not enter Mali’s airspace.

1,200 troops from Germany are currently deployed in Mali, and the European giant nation has to decide by the end of May whether to extend the military mission, which is supplied via the logistics base.

Berlin has voiced concern over the latest developments in Mali that have led to Berlin raising concerns after the arrival of private military contractors of the Russian Wagner Group and the interim authorities’ failure to hold democratic elections next month as agreed following a 2020 military coup d’état.

“When we are told that the elections are being postponed for five years, things are clearly not moving in the right direction,” German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said last week, Insisting that she expected democratic progress and a solution to the Wagner Group.

The development has also seen the European Union say it will impose barricades on Mali in line with measures already taken by the ECOWAS grouping of West African states.

Tunisia’s judiciary to conduct normal constitutional duties despite the president’s decree

Tunisia’s Judicial Council to conduct normal constitutional duties despite the president’s decree [Image: courtesy]
Tunisia—Notwithstanding President Kais Saied’s order to call off payment and privileges of the Judicial Council of Tunisia, the country’s judiciary has announced that it will keep on conducting its duties as entrenched in the law.

It is a development coming following a decree by Saied on Wednesday evening to “put an end to the grants and privileges” granted to members of the Supreme Judicial Council, a constitutional body monitoring the proper functioning of the courts.

“We hope that this presidential order will not be a means of putting pressure on the Supreme Judicial Council,” the head of the council, Youssef Bouzacher, said in a statement.

Adding that the constitution grants the council “self-management”.

The Supreme Judicial Council is a constitutional body monitoring the proper functioning of the judiciary.

According to Bouzacher the council “will present its opinion on the decree” that “the constitutional structure of the judiciary cannot be compromised.”

In the latter days, concerns have been raised in Tunisia regarding the independence of the judiciary in light of Saied’s statements that the judiciary is “a function of the state,” and his allusion to the dissolution of the judiciary committees.

Last year, July 25, Saied deposed the government, suspended parliament, and assumed executive authority.

Stressing that the “exceptional measures” were intended to “save” the country, critics accuse him of planning a centralized government.


30 dead in Liberia’s church stampede

A stampede in Liberia has claimed 30 lives, injuring hundreds [Image: courtesy]
MONROVIA, Liberia—More than 29 crusaders have been killed in a  stampede at a church gathering in Liberia’s capital Monrovia overnight.

This is according to a statement by the country’s deputy information minister

The unfortunate incident transpired during a night Christian worship event at New Kru Town, a neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital.

“The doctors said 29 persons died and some are on the critical list, this is a sad day for the country.” Spoke a resident within the area.

According to reports from some of the event’s attendees, the stampede began after a group of armed men rushed the crowd in an attempt to stage thuggery.

“We saw a group of men with cutlasses and other weapons coming toward the crowd,” He said. “While running, some people dropped and others fell on the ground and walked over them.”

Gangs in Liberia streets known as Zogos commonly commit robberies with machetes and other blunt weapons.

Police spokesman

Moses Carter, a police spokesperson, declined to comment on what caused the incident. He said an investigation is under is on course.

The country’s President, George Opong’ Weah, declared a three-day period of national mourning and said the Liberian Red Cross and Disaster Management Agency had been called in to assist victims.

Heavy rains kill 10 in Madagascar, displaces 12000

Heavy downpour leaves 10 dead in Madagascar, displaces 1200 [Image: courtesy]
Madagascar—More than 10 people have been killed by heavy downpours in Antananarivo Madagascar and 12000 are left homeless owing to flooding in the country’s capital.

Weather officials warned of potential landslides in the capital city, which is built on steep hills, with the rains continuing.

The country’s head of state, Andry Rajoelina has called an emergency meeting over the flooding crisis. This is according to an announcement made by his office.

Hitherto, statistics from the red cross indicate that at least 2,400 residences in the capital are flooded and low-lying areas of the city are in deep water.

Six houses in higher parts of the city have collapsed because of the rains.

Schools, churches, and gymnasiums in the city are being used to house displaced families and others are sheltering in schools and local government offices.

“We are appealing to the inhabitants of Antananarivo and the surrounding municipalities to leave areas at high risk of landslides, places where trees are at risk of falling and houses are at risk of collapsing,” Gen. Elack Andriankaja , director-general of the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management, said.

“According to meteorology forecasts, there is a high risk of a cyclone in the Indian Ocean by the end of this week,” he added.

Reports tell that the rains have reached the extreme south of Madagascar, which had been parched by a severe drought, say residents of Ambovombe, 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) south of the capital.

“This rain relieves a lot of farmers. Everyone is in the fields right now to work the land,” Mosa Tovontsoa, ​​46, a farmer on the outskirts of Ambovombe.

“It gives us hope because everything has turned green all of a sudden and the zebus (cattle) can go to feed in the meadows,” he said. ”But we don’t have enough seeds because many people ate them during the dry period.”

Congo: 10 convicts sentenced to 15 years in jail over mass rap

10 DR. Congo citizens have been sentenced to death over mass rape [Image:courtesy]
Congo—According to lawyers from Dr. Congo, ten convicts have been handed 15-year jail terms for the rape of female inmates at a prison in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It was established that fifty-six women were repeatedly raped during a three-day mutiny at Kasapa jail in Lubumbashi.

Lawyers for the victims said that three of the women were infected with HIV/AIDS and 16 became pregnant after the assault.

“The court has found the 10 prisoners guilty of raping over 30 women inmates. They stormed into the women’s section of the prison during riots in the prison in September 2020 and raped them,” Lieutenant Peter Ntangalo, a security officer in Haut-Katanga spoke.

Accusers had sought 20-year terms against the accused, who were also sentenced on Wednesday to pay the equivalent of $5 000 to each of the women.

“We are satisfied with the verdict, [which came] after a long struggle to gain justice for my clients,” Melanie Mumba, a lawyer for the victims said.

Noella Bashizi, a defense lawyer said she would consult her clients about whether to appeal.

“It’s the Congolese state which should be prosecuted – it’s responsible for the bad jail conditions,” she spoke.

“The women were raped over three days and no one intervened. And yet there’s a police base close to the jail.”


Zambia: Man hands himself to police after shooting dead his wife

Zambian man hands himself to police after shooting dead his 28-year old wife [Image: courtesy]
Zambia—Police in Lusaka have arrested Isaac Chulu aged 33 of Katete in Eastern Province after he handed himself to the Police for shooting dead his 28-year-old wife Modai Mwambazi of Katete.

Isaac Chulu, 33, is under police custody after shooting dead his 28-year-old wife and walking himself to the police station.

The unfortunate incident happened in Eastern Province, Katete region.

Rae Hamoonga, the police spokesperson said that the incident occurred on Tuesday 18th January 2022 at around 18:00 hours in Kabanana Site and Service in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.

The police spokesperson recorded that Hamoonga said on a fateful day around 07:00 hours, the deceased called her father Clement Mwambazi and informed him that they were traveling to Lusaka from Katete to sort out their marital disputes which the couple was going through.

Adding that according to the father of the deceased, around 18:00 hours upon arrival in Kabanana Site and Service in Lusaka in the company of a marriage counselor and friend to the suspect, they sat to iron out the issue.

Hamoonga expounded that while they were pondering over matte, the suspect went outside the house and was followed by his wife and suddenly a gunshot was heard and the father went to see what was happening only to find his daughter lying on the ground and bleeding uncontrollably.

After which the suspect, the marriage counselor, and the friend of the suspect got into the vehicle which was parked outside, and vanished.

Law enforcers rushed to the scene picked the victim and took her to Chipata level one Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon reaching.


Uganda: 3 family members electrocuted to death


Ugandan family in mourning after three family members electrocuted to death [Image: courtesy]
Uganda—A family at Kasenge town, Wakiso district has been thrown into mourning after three of its members were electrocuted to death on Thursday morning.

Sources reveal that one of the victims came into contact with a live wire illegally connected to the national grid.

“The house where the deceased family was renting had no power. So, they illegally tapped power from the neighborhood.

“Annet hanged wet clothes on one of the wires that had a link to power connection after washing this morning. The electricity shocked and electrocuted her,” Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire spoke.

The deceased have been identified as Asiimwe Babirye, 35, Annet, 24, and Jeremiah Sekalenzi, 5.

“Asiimwe heard the alarm and rushed, touched her sister with bare hands to save her and she was also electrocuted,” police said explaining that Sekalenzi also died under similar circumstances.

According to police, neighbors noticed the incident and disconnected the power before they removed the bodies that have now been conveyed to the city mortuary for postmortem and burial.

The law enforcers are on a course of pursuing the person who illegally connected the house to the national grid with the Forces on intent to slap charges against him or her.

“It is a criminal offense to illegally connect your residence to the national grid,” police remarked.

The law enforcers have teamed up with Uganda’s power distributor, UMEME, to arrest people that have illegal connections in the area and Kampala metropolitan at large.


Nigeria: PSquare never paid me for shows, says May D

Singer MayD has castigated PSquare for failing to appreciate him during his time in the Square music label [Image: courtesy]
Nigerian songwriter and dancer, Akinmayokun Awodumila popularly called May D has come out frank about his relationship with PSquare.

The “Gat me Hight” hitmaker spoke during an interview with entertainment newsmen, claiming that he never got paid for any show he featured.

The singer noted that during the time he was simply out to have fun, saying that he never knew he was to be paid for every time he was on stage.

“I had no shows when I was with Square records. I never got paid. I’m telling you now, 100%.

“I didn’t get one of my shows when I was with them. I was only playing shows with them that they never paid me for me.

“But all those things weren’t issues to me. I didn’t take them as anything. I was just enjoying myself. And I wasn’t smart enough to know that I was meant to be paid.” Spoke to the singer.

Peter and Paul have recently ironed out their differences after bitter acrimony that saw the two live years apart.


Cameroon: Clash of heavyweights as Ngannou, Gane lock horns in UFC 270

Francis Ngannou for the first time will be engaging Ciryl Gane in Calfornia, UF 270 [Image: @francisngannou/Instagram]
Cameroonian mixed martial artist, Francis Ngannou was upbeat as he looked to defend his heavyweight title for the first time against former training ally Ciryl Gane at UFC 270, this Saturday.

Popularly called ‘Predator’, Ngannou has mocked his rival as a ‘walk in the park’

Competing for the first time since his revenge victory over Stipe Miocic that earned him the strap back in March last year, the Cameroon star will be making the first defense of his belt.

The outlook of the match seems tough as Ngannou’s opponent is currently undefeated in the promotion.

with a victory over Derrick Lewis, the Frenchman earned his shot and has been produced as the latest talent from Ngannou’s former ‘MMA Factory’ gym in France.

The clash between the two will happen late Saturday at the Honda Center in California.

The two have never met in the octagon prior to this clash with Gane looking to become heavyweight champion in just his eighth outing in the UFC 270.

Kenyan researchers campaign to preserve bee rearing

Kenyan researchers are battling to preserve the tradition of beekeeping in the country [Image: courtesy]
Kenya—Traditional beekeeping in Kenya, has mainly been considered a male occupation. It has been perceived so because hives required physical strength and at times the keeper was to climb trees to harvest honey.

However modern bee rearing in Kenya started in the late 1960s that has seen women take part in the lucrative agriculture business.

The beekeeping practice has been threatened for several reasons in the latter days, owing to serious climatic changes to intruders and hive predators.

Furthermore, the losing natural habitats and intensive farming practices including the use of pesticides have led to a drastic reduction in the population.

And with the insects playing a vital role in the food chain, the aftermath can be catastrophic.

“One of the grave shortcomings would be environmental degradation. Because people are cutting down trees because of population pressure, people want to settle, people want to establish farms, and every time people cut down trees, then this leads to a ripple of effects.

“For example, we know that honey bees survive on two products from plants, nectar, and pollen, and every time you cut down trees then you get rid of nectar and pollen and this is the food for the bees”, Spoke DR. Elliud Muli, the head of bees research from South Eastern Kenya University.

As a means of preserving the insects, it is necessary to implement new practices.

“We need to minimize the utilization of such chemicals and encourage ecological systems of control of such challenges. For example, use of biological interventions when it comes to such invasion of maybe locusts”, noted John Ogonda, from the Department of Environmental Science in Africa Nazarene University.

According to him, the success of the fight to save bees depends on the collective efforts of everybody.

“It’s a multi-sectorial approach I would say. We need to have the livestock people, agriculture people, environment people, and everyone and of course the beekeepers. All of us pulling together and looking forward to saving our bees”, said Dr. Elliud Muli.