South African actress Florence Masebe speaks about paedophile uncle who molested her at 11

Film actress Florence Masebe

SOUTH African actress Florence Masebe has set tongues wagging after sharing her traumatic experience at the hands of her uncle, who allegedly violated her at the age of 11.

The uncle is now on his death bed. Masebe dropped the bombshell on Twitter. 

Her uncle has stage-four cancer, and she revealed that she does not feel pity for him.

She shared how her paedophile uncle got away with sexually abusing her after family members shielded him.

She said she instead, wants to go on a shopping spree to pick up the best dress for his funeral.

“The paedophile uncle that violated me from the age of 11 and got protected by relatives including his mother and wife has stage 4 cancer. I do not feel an ounce of sadness. Instead, I want to go shopping to pick the best dress,” she said.

Masebe recently spoke about men in the entertainment industry, who were destroying careers, saying their day in court is coming.

This came after media mogul in the US Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of two felony sex crimes after a Manhattan trial.