How to Give Yourself A Buzz Cut At Home

How to Give Yourself A Buzz Cut At Home

As far as at-home coronavirus concerns go, buzz cuts may seem like the most insignificant risk. Still, it is a pretty straightforward process – if you have some best practices and tricks to guide you. Here are the dos and don’ts for cutting your hair while you are staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Remember, there may be no such thing as a perfect cut in quarantine, and that is okay.


Get yourself some gear

There is really no need to buy super fancy or expensive tools. “You can get something no more than R500 that will work great for home use. Try out the Wahl Self Kit, which comes with everything you will need including a comb, shears, a clipper and a wide range of plastic guards for different lengths. And, whether you live at home or with a partner or roommate, no one wants to deal with hair everywhere so prepare your sink with newspaper and wearing an old T-shirt for easy clean-up.


Know your numbers/ hair length

Clippers typically come with attachment guards that show how short the cut will be. The 0 attachment will leave your hair shortest, while something like a 3 leaves the hair a bit longer. Try to start with the shorter and the go lower bit by bit. Clippers also all come with a lever on the side that defines how close the guard is to the blade, use that too.


Start at the top

You could start on the sides but try to use the top as a starting off point to see what direction he wants to go – whether that be all one length or a fade (more on that later).


Comb it out and go against the grain

Hairs will stick to your head, so use a comb throughout the process to prevent that from happening. You can loosen things up; you want to use the comb while you are buzzing casually. Once you are ready to start buzzing, it is essential to cut against the grain of the hair, instead of with it, to get an even cut. You will end up with patches or bundles because you are not following the direction the hair is going.


Do not neglect near your ears or your neck

Ideally, you would have someone on hand to help for the back of your head and neck hairs. But if you do not, you will need a hand mirror. When you buzz the hair closest to your ears, you should also take the guard off, with the lever closed. First, you want to look in the mirror and see if there is any hair clinging around your ear, which is very difficult to get with the guard on so you can take it off a bit. Pull your ear down a little bit and with the other hand and clipper gently tap that area with the corner of the clipper.


Do your best with the back, use your ears

This part, you will have to go into it blindly. You can’t see back there. So, you may want to use a hand mirror, actually maybe two. One in front and one back, you will be able to see your back this way. An excellent method for knowing when to stop, especially in areas like the back of the head, is to listen to your clippers. They will stop cutting once they reach the length of guard you have chosen.


Watch your stroke

It might be fascinating to go straight back and forth while you buzz, but your stroke should look more like a curve. Instead of going straight up and down, you want to angle a bit, rather than going straight will allow it to blend nicely, almost like the letter C.


Don’t be too hard on yourself

Ultimately, it is probably not going to be perfect – and that is OK! We are all in the same boat; we are all not going according to our stylists. It could be an enjoyable experience, a new skill.



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