It’s Africa Month on Netflix

It’s Africa Month on Netflix

Netflix has decided to quench our love for Africa this month. Those, like us at Zonk News, who love African stories are in for a treat this month with Netflix’s carefully curated collection of Africa-made shows in celebration of Africa Month. The “Made in Africa” group included African series, films and documentaries and was done to honour and celebrate Netflix’s commitment to Africa and the African creative community.

Members will see major international films and series that were either predominantly or wholly filmed on the continent, such as “Holiday in the Wild” (South Africa and Zambia); “The Red Sea Diving Resort” (Namibia and South Africa); “Troy: Fall of a City” (South Africa), “Beasts of No Nation” (Ghana), “Blood Diamond” (Morocco, Sierra Leone and South Africa), and documentaries, including Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Ivory Game” and the Oscar-nominated “Virunga”.

It includes over a 100 titles – including older licensed films and shows as well as Netflix Originals like “Queen Sono”, which debuted on Netflix in February, and Blood & Water, which will premiere in May. Other films and series in the collection include: “Jerusalema”; “King of Boys”; “Lionheart”; “Mokalik”; Oscar-award winning film “Tsotsi”; “Uncovered”; “The Wedding Party”; “Tjovitjo”; “Castle and Castle”; “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”; “Azali”; “Potato Potahto” and “Joy” among others. 

Ben Amadasun, Director of Licensing and Co-productions for Africa at Netflix said they are excited to tell screen African stories. “We’re excited to celebrate African stories and storytellers. We hope that by making these ‘Made in Africa’ titles easily available we will help ensure they are watched around the world,” said Amadasun. 

The collection is available at (or can be found on Netflix by searching ‘Made in Africa’ or ‘Africa Month’ or ‘Africa Day’). 

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