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Mistakes People Always Make When Working Out At Home

Mistakes People Always Make When Working Out At Home

The pandemic lockdown has many people focusing on their physical bodies. Faced with the possibility of not being able to go to a gym, many have turned to YouTube and Instagram in search of workouts. While it’s great to exercise, you also need to be careful about how you do it. The risk of error and mistakes may increase when you are at home.

The good news is that fixing these issues is as easy as making them in the first place. Here are a handful of common mistakes people make:

Starting without warming up and doing the exercises cold

The first thing to do before starting any round of exercise is to warm up. It’s always advisable to spend 10 minutes on your warm-up. The warm-up decreases the risk of injuries, and it’s also how you can get the most out of the work you do. Even if you are only working out for half an hour, you still need to warm up, either with a specific routine or by doing the first round more lightly.

Trusting any person who posts a workout on Instagram

Not all trainers are created equal, especially if you’re not used to doing exercise. Following influencers who don’t have any training, but who do have lots of marketing behind them is a great No. It’s like going to a someone who says they can heal you. They are not a doctor, but they do have good marketing skills that position them as a health guru. If you believe them and follow everything they recommend without questioning it, you might be brewing disaster.

Wearing yourself out to get better and faster results

Many people believe that if you don’t get tired, or if you’re not stiff the next day, then you’re not making progress. Some will recommend that experiencing these is good for losing weight. This is the same as thinking that sweating means you’ll lose weight. No. You sweat when you get dehydrated, and that’s why you shouldn’t exercise wearing lots of clothing or in a hot setting. You sweat when you get thirsty; the same thing happens as when you overtrain. It doesn’t mean anything else.

Repeating the same exercise over and over again

Our body is not going to be better just by endlessly repeating the same workout. It can be counterproductive. We spend a lot of time seated, and we need sessions that make up for our inactive daily routine by providing different stimuli based on four fundamental pillars: strength training, resistance, flexibility and speed.

Pushing past your limits to do as many reps as the trainer

There is no reason for you to do the same number of reps as the online trainer who’s guiding you. Listen to your own body. The professional has to give you some guidelines so you can learn to monitor yourself on your own. You need to measure the fatigue that you get from the exercise or sequence of activities suggested. It’s perfectly fine to stop doing the exercise when you start to feel worn out.

Focusing on the scale

Forget about the scale and weighing yourself. It’s not good for anything. Especially when you are not used to working out regularly, because you may end up gaining weight. After all, muscle weighs more than fat. Don’t pay too much attention to the numbers. Forget about the scale and enjoy the exercise. 

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