Omina Otsieno Debuts Her Jewellery Collection Made from Banana Fibres

Omina Otsieno Debuts Her Jewelry Collection Made from Banana Fibres

Omina Otsieno is a fashion designer who has revolutionised the fashion industry in Kenya that has come a long way. Initially, the designers had stiff competition, not to mention the difficult task of differentiating themselves from others.

With her sustainable fashion brand that specialises in jewellery made from banana fibres, Omina Otsieno stands out with her contemporary unique African designs.

Her collection ‘Emisanga’ meaning ornament debuted during the ‘Narrative Exhibition’ organized by International Trade Center under SITA MITREEKI fashion incubation programme that she was part of.

Omina Otsieno Debuts Her Jewelry Collection Made from Banana Fibres

She says that she employs handcraft technique to create artistic jewellery and accessories and she is passionate about bringing change to the community of Elunyiko in Busia where she was born and brought up.

Her devotion to the community has prompted them to develop programs in Elunyiko that train women in handcrafting techniques and educate them on economic empowerment. These techniques include; making jewellery and accessories made from banana fibre, papyrus reeds and bamboo.

Omina states that she draws her inspiration from culture, art and craft. And the collection reflects the African people – a strong depiction of traditional weaving.


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