Rwanda’s Boda Bodas Now Back After Ease On Lockdown Restrictions

After staying at home for more than 2 and half months in a lockdown, motorcyclists including Habiyambere Emmanuel say they were amazed by a statement released by the cabinet meeting to allow them work.

He said, “I now feel like a groom on his marriage, I have been out of work since the lockdown started. But now am happy, my bike is from the garage and will abide all measures we are entitled to as motorcyclists by the government to stop the spread of COVID 19,but work again.”

It was a very difficult period too, for Vianney Kagabo, who has a family of 4 and had nothing to feed his family as  he relied on the income he got from a loaned motorcycle he rides. Vianney told Zonk News that “starting work again will help me earn again from the business. I depended on government support during the lockdown but now I am a bit relieved.”

They are  happy but they must abide by preventive measures before resuming work. Whoever doesn’t comply with the resolutions made won’t be allowed to work, said Ngarambe Daniel the chairman of motorcyclists cooperatives in Rwanda.

“They must have sanitizers for passengers, use cashless payment to avoid contact with money, and they should be have digitalized meters on their moto’s. we are working day and night with partners to set everything so that they operate accordingly.

Inter-city movements have also been allowed. A crowd of passengers were seen in the Kigali International park willing to travel to their home villages after being in a lockdown

Different measures in different sectors have been implemented to control the spread of COVID 19  as the country registers 384 cases and 2 deaths of a truck driver who opted to return home after falling seriously ill and a 24years old policewoman who got infected as she was serving on  UN mission .

Passengers too are eager to receive the Boda Boda’s as it remains the most common means of transport in the country of a thousand hills  as it is nicknamed.

There are more than 45,000 registered motorcyclists who carry passengers, 26,000 of them operating in towns. 

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