Best Foods to Keep You Healthy During This Winter

Many people fall sick during the winter season. But, if you take care of what you eat, you can prevent yourself from becoming exposed to airborne viruses such as cold and flu. Certain types of food can improve your immunity and keep you healthy during winter. Keep reading ahead!

Cook with Natural Oils and Butter

It is believed that digestive processes boost a large part of your immunity. While this ‘fire’ which is crucial, becomes lesser in the winter season, as we become lazy, eating natural oils and butter can help keep the digestive system functioning well. As a result, you can boost your immunity and prevent yourself from falling sick.

Eat Lots of Nuts

Nuts generate a lot of heat within the body. Eating nuts like cashews and almonds can help you to boost immunity in the winter season. Pista, dates and walnuts are also good options. Let’s go nuts.

Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea can help you improve your body’s ability to fight against sickness. This is mainly because this beverage has anti-oxidant properties and helps to fight against viruses in the system. It contains small amounts of caffeine too, which can help you beat the laziness which you might feel in the cold weather season.

Mix Yoghurt with Meals

Yoghurt is a natural probiotic. This means that it contains good stomach bacteria. Good stomach bacteria are a healthy species of bacteria that exist in your gastrointestinal tract and support healthy digestive functions. They help your body get rid of infections and diseases.

Eat Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another form of vegetables that are better for us during the winter. Also, sweet potatoes have anti-oxidant properties and can help you stay healthy. It is also rich in beta carotene that helps to protect the immune cells from damage and supports healthy cell functions.

Also, avoid sugary treats as much as possible. Processed foods and food items with artificial sugars can be bad for your health. You may feel like staying indoors with a packet of chips and watching a movie, but do not do so! Replace the chips with something healthier instead.

Stay warm – it is better to be overdressed and feel slightly warm, than underdressed and feel cold. Having cold or flu can be terrible. It makes you feel tired, irritable and sick, and no one wants to feel this way.