SA’s Ami Faku’ Inde Lendlela’ Achieves Gold Statues

SA’s Ami Faku’ Inde Lendlela’ Goes Gold

This is not the first time Ami Faku has received a gold plaque. Her single ‘Into Ingawe’ was also certified gold in 2019 and went on to reach platinum and double platinum this year. The singles’ Ungowami’ and ‘Uwrongo’, on which she is featured, also received the same status.

“I’m grateful that all the hard work my team and I have put in is finally paying off,” Ami Faku said. “Thank you to all the supporters; we’ve done it once again.”

She said ‘Inde Lendlela’ is “about being hurt by someone you loved and trusted. Even though they aren’t good for you, your heart is still yearning for them. But they don’t want anything to do with you because they feel like they can get something better elsewhere.”

Vth Season’s Ninel Musson said: “As an industry newcomer, Ami Faku has defied all the odds and achieved milestones that artists in the industry for many years only dream of. We’re extremely proud of the music that we’ve put out with Ami Faku and delighted to see that music lovers from all corners of the world are buying her music.”

The Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) certifies singles and EPs gold after they have sold 10 000 units. RiSA equates 120 streams to one single. In the category ‘Singles and EPs’, RiSA certifies platinum status after more than 20 000 units are sold, double platinum after an additional 20 000 units are sold, and so on.


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