Nairobi’s Two Female Lawmakers Engage In A Fist Fight

Nairobi’s Two Female Lawmakers Engage In A Fist Fight

Kenya’s Senate was treated to a free boxing match as two female nominated lawmakers engaged in a fistfight during the elections of the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday.

The two Lawmakers, Mary Seneta and Beatrice Kwamboka, differed over the elections of Narok Senator, Ledama Ole Kina who was elected as the Deputy Chairperson for the Health Committee. 

The committee had convened to elect its leadership after the recent changes brought about by the purge in the ruling Jubilee Party, which saw allies of Deputy President William Ruto kicked out of House Committees.

One of the female lawmakers, Mary Seneta, was also contesting for the position. The dispute began after the Majority Whip Farhiya Ali who also appeared aggrieved was accused of forging a signature of a nominated senator who happened to be absent. 

The purported forgery prompted the squabbles between the two female lawmakers, which eventually degenerated into kicks and blows to the amazement of their colleagues.

One lawmaker was heard saying, “I will deal with you, I am in the leadership, you will know who I am. I am a Raila person, and I will deal with you.”

In anger, Ms Seneta hit Ms Kwamboka with her bag. Not ready to take it lying down, Ms Kwamboka returned fire, hitting Ms Seneta with her bag and going for her neck as the two started a fistfight.

Moments later, their colleagues stepped in and separated the two leaders and brought the house into order. The deputy-elect was left wondering why some quarters were opposed to his election to the committee. 

While speaking to the media, Senator Ole Kina said that: “I was elected to chair the Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee (CPAIC) and was denied, now I have been elected vice-chair of Health Committee, and now they are trying to frustrate me,” he said.