Dwayne Johnson Popularly Known As ‘The Rock’ Toppled Kyle Jenner In The Instagram Rich List For 2020

Dwayne Johnson Popularly Known As ‘The Rock’ Toppled Kyle Jenner In The Instagram Rich List For 2020

Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as “The Rock” has toppled Kyle Jenner off the top spot to earn $1 million per post for the first time, as his earning increased by 15% according to the social media marketing firm Hopper HQ. Dwayne dethroned Kyle who has been in the top for the last two years.

This is the first year that a Kardashian or Jenner hasn’t taken the top spot, following controversy regarding Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status earlier this year. Dwayne, the First and Furious star, has 187 million followers’ and his worth is $1,015,000 per post while Kyle with 182 million followers’ is worth $196,000 per post.

Other high-value personalities on its list for 2020 included footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, the only European in top ten, held the third place for the third year running. Cristiano with 225 million followers is worth $889,000 per post, and socialite Kim Kardashian West, with 175 million followers is worth $858,000 and came in fourth for another year. Her billionaire status, however, has been called into question.

Ariana Grande closed the top five in the list. In 2019, Ariana knocked off Selena Gomez out of second place, but this year she dropped three spots to number five. With 191 million followers, Ariana is worth $853000 million per post. Hopper HQ, a London based organization, runs social media accounts on behalf of companies and individuals. It first published Instagram rich list in 2017.

The rankings and cost per post were arrived at after speaking with social media “influencers” themselves, along with brands and marketing companies, and using publicly available pricing information to estimate how much each account could charge.

The company also said that for the first time in the list’s history there had been a drop in fees for influencers on Instagram, even among the highest earners, as marketers and brands have reduced influencer budgets due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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