Zanu-PF On 2023 Election Trail, Promises Rural Housing Scheme

It will soon be election season in Zimbabwe, and the battle for votes has begun. Cde Minister Garwe and his Deputy Simbanegavi spoke at length about the National Housing Regularization blitz which focuses on a human settlement that speaks to sustainability, modernity, affordability. 

“We have now taken a deliberate position to say; lets now make a deliberate movement of people from urban areas ad to rural areas. Not pushing people off urban areas but a deliberate movement. We want to achieve this by providing the same facilities that define modern, urban centre in our RDCs,” minister Garwe said. 

Watch the video:

Lest we forget, below is a summary of the promises by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ZANU PF party as outlined in its 2018 election manifesto.

Education, Health and Housing

  • Build 2000 schools by 2023
  • Rehabilitate and establish at least one vocational training centre per administrative district
  • Ensure treasury allocates at least 15% of the budget to healthcare in line with the Abuja Declaration
  • Establish at least one new hospital per administrative district by 2023
  • Deliver at least 1.5 million affordable housing to the people in the next 5 years in collaboration with the private sector
  • Not move or destroy property unless settled on land designated for schools, clinics or roads.