InstaVal Extends The World’s First Intelligent Digital Investment Banking Platform To The African Market

InstaVal Extends The World’s First Intelligent Digital Investment Banking Platform To The African Market

InstaVal extends the world’s first intelligent digital investment banking platform to the African market. Port Louis, Mauritius, 20th July 2020, InstaVal (Mauritius) Ltd has just announced its decision to extend its platform to the African market. InstaVal is an intelligent data-driven investment readiness and investor matching platform made to promote equity investments in startups, scaleups and SMEs.

The DIFC-based Startup offers a 100% online automated business valuation tool that delivers real-time, reliable, cost-effective and COVID-sensitive business valuation reports to private companies.

The arrival of the COVID pandemic has caused a radical change of economic and financial paradigm resulting in a sluggish economy impacting various businesses in various sectors. This economic paralysis is pushing and will continue to push many companies to redefine and rethink their business future.

As a result, many will find themselves evaluating their business to decide on whether to go out of business, merge with competitors or continue their operation with additional funds. In this sense, the arrival on the Mauritian market of the digital investment banking platform “InstaVal” can only represent an unparalleled opportunity for African companies.

For each economic trajectory, they will first have to decide on the price of the asset, that is, to establish an independent valuation of the company”, attests Akram El Youssi, Founder & CEO of InstaVal.

The reliability of our platform only fills a huge gap in front of traditional methods but above all InstaVal represents the adequate tool for entrepreneurs to judiciously re-invent themselves “, says Ashveena Ankammah, Director of InstaVal Mauritius.

With InstaVal’s IPEV-compliant business valuation methods and predictive machine learning-based technology, the African companies are now only a few clicks away to efficiently value their businesses in real-time.

InstaVal also offers African founders, fluid and efficient interaction with investors of which more than 500 are already on the platform, no matter the size of the enterprise, InstaVal brings smooth access to foreign direct investments to the Africa Market.

InstaVal goes even further in its approach by offering advice support to local and regional entrepreneurs wishing to use the platform with dedicated and personalised assistance by introducing the “we-do-it-for-you” plan.

The algorithm requires the input of 40 data points spread over 30 questions relating to business fundamentals, financials and transactional parameters to instantly produce a one-page valuation report “InstaPager” in a PDF format.

With over 10,000 business valuations completed so far in over 50 countries and partnerships with a pool of venture capitalists in the Middle East and the United States, InstaVal brings a timely structure and support to startups looking to understand how to value their business and approach investors.

“InstaVal dramatically lowers the access barrier to relatively accurate results, instantly, with a good level of confidence and at a fraction of the traditional cost,” states Jordan Wahbeh, Managing Director at Bay Angels.

About InstaVal
InstaVal is published by Upside Digital Ltd, a private company with offices in DIFC, Dubai and Mauritius. It is the first data-driven digital investment banking platform in Middle East Africa made to help founders, enablers and investors close more deals, efficiently and fairly.

Press contact: Ashveena Ankammah,, +230 5827 0298.