Ethiopia Features First Locally-assembled Electric Car

Ethiopia Features First Locally-assembled Electric Car

Ethiopia last week showcased its first locally assembled electric car to push forward the country’s “greening” and resilient climate goals. It is the first electric car fully assembled locally (in Ethiopia) by a Hyundai dealership, Marathon Motors, office of the prime minister has confirmed.

“The decision to assemble electric cars in Ethiopia follows the request put forth by the prime minister to the Hyundai president,” the office confirmed. The company’s plant, according to a local media report, can assemble 10,000 cars per year.

Entirely battery-operated and with no emissions, the electric car does not require charging at terminals, and can instead be charged anywhere.
Ethiopia’s premier Abiy Ahmed, one of the youngest leaders in Africa, received an assembled car from the company.

Abiy, 44, initiated a major greening campaign, and the nation managed to plant four billion tree seedlings last rainy season. During the current rains, the country plans to transplant five billion tree seedlings.


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