“Kenya is Tourist Safe, Open and Ready for Visitors” – President Kenyatta

“Kenya is Tourist Safe, Open and Ready for Visitors” - President Kenyatta

Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, has expressed satisfaction with the measures being taken by stakeholders in the hospitality sector to protect tourists from Covid-19.

Speaking during a virtual meeting with Elite Kenyan Marathoner Eliud Kipchoge who is currently Kenya’s goodwill ambassador for tourism, the CS for Tourism and Narok Governor Tunai who were at Maasai Mara Game Reserve, President Kenyatta said that Kenyans should take advantage of the low rates and tour the country. He also urged foreigners to visit the country.

“I want to take this opportunity to encourage every single Kenyan to take advantage and to travel…You can travel, you can move. And now as you know, we have also opened up our skies and flights are coming. We welcome all those who choose to come,” he said.

The President also urged Kenyans as well as visitors to continue observing the Covid-19 containment protocols saying safety is not a government responsibility but an individual choice.

“Safety is not just a Government issue. It is an individual choice. To remain safe and by so doing, keep everybody else safe,” he said

The Head of State thanked Mr Kipchoge for choosing to represent his country as a ‘Magical Kenya’ brand ambassador saying the Marathoner’s decision was an act of patriotism.

Mr Kipchoge said he was grateful to represent his country as a tourism goodwill ambassador and assured the President that he would do his best to promote the country as a top travel destination.

He encouraged Kenyans to visit the country’s tourist destinations saying Covid-19 should not limit people from enjoying the country’s tourist attractions.

In other news, Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Najib Balala revoked the appointment of Pauline Njoroge to the board on Saturday and replaced her with Najma Ismael – Standard Group journalist. 

Pauline’s revocation was as a result of Kenyans on Twitter fury over a social media post in October 2019, questioning the importance of the Nairobi National Park. Kenyans on Twitter said that she was not suited for the role.

“By the way, how much revenue does the Nairobi National Park bring to this country. Isn’t there much more that can be done with it that can add more value? The only selling point of that park is that ‘It’s the only national park in a capital city in the world’ beyond that glamorous title, that else does it offer? 

The orphanage and the nature walk make economic sense. But the park? It does not make sense that in a congested city like Nairobi we can afford to have acres and acres of land in the name of a park when the is bursting at the seams with people. We even have to hold discussions on rerouting the SGR to have an economically redundant park!” she posted.

The CS Balala said the Ministry was not keen on being associated with “such people and such thinking.”



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