Practical Ways to Deal With Stress Brought by the Pandemic

Practical Ways to Deal With Stress Brought by the Pandemic

In times of uncertainty and significant change, finding a new routine can feel strangely scary. The questions we may be asking include, “what is life going to look like? Will I ever feel balanced again? These are all typical questions and feelings, and you’re definitely not alone.

It’s not about suppressing our feelings, but learning ways to cope with them so we can create a new sense of stability. Here are a few ways to cope with the new normal so that you can live a healthy and productive even in these strange times!

Find Ways to Relax

If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or worried about what the new way of life will look like, that’s okay and normal. That’s why relaxation and prioritizing self-care is so crucial. Researches show that relaxation reduces stress, anger, frustration, tension, chronic pain, and blood pressure, and can improve mood. Here are some ways to relax:

Yoga and deep breathing, meditation, take a hot bath, listen to music, engage in prayer (if that’s meaningful for you), read a book, ask a loved one to give you a massage or foot rub.

Set Social Media Boundaries

Social media can be informative, fun, and useful – but it can also drive you nuts. In these disturbing times, it might be best to set some social media boundaries so you can protect yourself from all the confusion that goes on on social media. Maybe schedule in social media times (for example, “I’m going to check Facebook at 10 AM and 8 PM for ten minutes). You can also set restrictions on your phone if you’re too tempted to keep checking!

Create Structure

One of the best things you can do when life feels turned upside down is to create your structure. Research shows that developing good habits, routines, and systems is essential, but can be challenging to stick to if you don’t make them easy to manage and attainable. A few ways to make a structure and forming good habits easier: Make an intentional schedule, Create a morning routine and Make lists.

Remember – Self Care Is Everything

Finding a new normal in this crazy time can feel overwhelming and frustrating. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary that we take care of ourselves as best we can. It’s okay to feel anxious, but it’s what we do with that anxiety that matters most.