Face masks, A fashion Trend in Rwanda

While the whole world is threatened by the COVID19 epidemic and wearing a mask in almost every country has become the norm, many are looking for solutions and using it to design their outfits.

Social media influencers and designers in the fashion industry in Rwanda have jumped into the opportunity to add value to their products by making a complete design with a face mask.

Christelle Kabagire, who is already a model and has been involved in various discussions about it, told Zonknews that the masks came suddenly and made people start looking for a way to match their clothes with a face mask design to make it a complete outfit.

“If dressed well you look good, Somehow I can wear a complete outfit, but when the face mask which I must wear is not with the colour of my outfit I feel I haven’t designed,” said Christelle.

Face masks, while practical during a pandemic, are also emerging as a top fashion trend. Some of the creations have even come from local designers like Tanga designs. He says he opted for bold solutions of the epidermic with fashion.

“It’s been nice to create something that serves a purpose but also has a fashionable aspect to it amid a crisis because, in a way, it benefited other people.”

Currently, creative artistes in the Rwandan fashion are struggling to make sales to sustain their businesses despite some services of the economy reopening.

“They’re a lot of challenges in the industry at the moment, and most of them have no clear solution,” says Joselyne Umutoniwase, the founder of Rwanda Clothing.

However, she says players in the fashion industry have to adjust and learn to work under the new normal, including adding design styles to add value to their existing stock.

Umutoniwase says the designers have to retain their customers and give reason to them a reason to continue supporting them since they also know that Covid-19 had an impact on their businesses.

Despite the fall in demand, all has not been gloom. New opportunities are presenting themselves as fashion brands have shifted to making fashionable coronavirus face masks since they are the most bought item.

Face masks are becoming trending as fashion outfits during this pandemic something that started as purely protective transformed into fashion where fashion designers are now making branded face masks. And it is rewarding as most of them told us.