Heritage Day Message From Dineo Phasha, Zonk News CEO

Zonk News - Heritage Day Message From Dineo Phasha Zonk News CEO

Today South Africa celebrates Heritage Day. On this day, the country celebrates the multitude of cultures, languages, religions and art forms of all South Africans. It is a time to celebrate the unique aspects of her history and acknowledge that different groups live together, work together and have a shared identity as South Africans. 

Notably, South Africa’s coat of arms confirms this with the motto ‘ǃke e: ǀxarra ǁke’, which means ‘unity in diversity’. I believe that this reflects the vision to which South African society strives towards. I also think that it is an affirmation to the spirit of Ubuntu, which is based on respect for diversity.

Likewise, Zonk News values the diversity of African cultures. Our platforms, including Zonk Magazine, Zonk Radio, Zonk Music and Zonk TV, accommodate and showcase many Africa treasures through news, stories and music, bringing the diverse heritage, culture and worldview to our readers, followers and listeners daily. 

Our endeavours, as a media house, strive to contribute to enriching the diversity and social fabric across Africa. This diversity allows for an assembly of cultures and styles, which makes for a richer experience for everyone. 

This Heritage Day, let us celebrate and appreciate our diverse heritages and cultures that make us uniquely South Africa, and ultimately, African. 

Happy Heritage Day!

Dineo Phasha

CEO, Zonk News