Former Gvt Official Gets 6 Year Sentence, Fined RWF21,6 billion For Corruption

Former Gvt Official Gets 6 Year Sentence, Fined RWF21,6 billion For Corruption

Nyarugenge High Court has sentenced Robert Nyamvumba, a former ministry official, to six years in prison after convicting him of soliciting funds.

The court read its verdict on Tuesday, concluding that the available evidence was evidence that Nyamvumba had committed the crime of hijacking, and sentenced him to six years in prison and a fine of 21.6 Frw.

The prosecution says Nyamvumba is sentenced to six years in prison and fined between Rwf21 billion because of serious corruption offences that could slow development and discourage investors from investing in Rwanda.

Nyamvumba was an employee of the Ministry of Infrastructure; he is charged with solicitation of funds for illegal activities. In the Ministry of Infrastructure, he was in charge of the energy department.

A complaint filed by Javier Elizalde, a Spanish citizen, led to the prosecution. Who won a tender in the EDCL contract with Salvi Istanbul Electic Ware & Patronics in partnership with another Loyal Trust Company.

On January 23, 2020, Nyamvumba reportedly summoned Elizalde, the winner of the tender, and asked her to come to Rwanda to discuss the tender file, and on January 26, 2020, another arrived in Kigali. 

Nyamvumba found him at a hotel in Kimihurura where he was staying, telling him that he wanted them to discuss his case in Minecofin, at the time because he was the one who was learning how to pay for it, asking him to give him a 10% commission.

The prosecution said Elizalde told him he was not doing so because he was well aware that Rwanda was an anti-corruption country and that the market was collaborating with other people so that he could not see how to tell them.

In his defence, he said that as a former Energy Minister in Mininfra and a member of the REG Board of Directors, his responsibilities have nothing to do with procurement in the EDCL. He also testified that Elizalde’s letter to the RIB was similar to his own for three reasons.

The first is that the tender was awarded in May 2019 and signed on June 19 of that year. Nyamvumba’s date says that Elizalde’s claim is true because he wrote that the contract was signed in May while he was in June.

The second point is that on January 26, Elizalde went to a meeting to discuss the agreement, wondering why he came to the meeting, and the tender was issued and did not specify the purpose of the meeting.

The third article states that Elizalde’s indictment was filed on March 31, 2020, when he began his trial in February this year.