Alpha Conde Declared Winner, Main Opposition Calls For Countrywide Protest on Monday

Alpha Conde Declared Winner, Main Opposition Calls For Countrywide Protest On Monday

Conakry, Guinea – The incumbent Alpha Conde was declared the winner of just concluded elections in Guinee on Saturday. Conde won his controversial third term with 59.9% according to the Guinea electoral commission. The announcement came after days of deadly violence in the wake of the October 18 vote. 

In a statement on Saturday, Front National Pour la Defense de la Constitution, which is the main opposition party said, “looting of businesses and homes was orchestrated by the regime to terrorize the population and install chaos in the country with the sole purpose of allowing Alpha Conde to remain in power beyond his two legal mandate.”

FNDC strongly condemned what it termed “dictatorial behaviour and the tearing apart of the social fabric through numerous threats of confrontation, death and war, uttered by Alpha Conde against his population since the beginning of his constitutional coup.”

The main opposition party called upon the international community to intervene on the severe violations of human rights by the regime on its population. Moreover, FNDC pleaded with the international community to take targeted sanctions to the perpetrators of heinous acts.

In addition, the party called on countrywide demonstration starting Monday until the incumbent Alpha Conde relinquishes the power.

“Therefore, the FNDC calls on the people of Guinea to hold demonstrations throughout the country starting this Monday, October 26, 2020, until the departure of the dictator Alpha Conde which will allow a total overhaul of Guinea and rid it of any corrupt system.”

He also urged the security personnel to support the will of the people and be civil whilst refusing to be misused in any illegal order.

“We call upon the defence and security forces to be republican by refusing to obey an illegal order and siding with the people.”