Guinea’s President Alpha Condé Wins 3rd Term Amid Violent Protests

Zonk News - Guinea's President Alpha Condé Wins 3rd Term Amid Violent Protests

Guinea’s electoral commission has announced that the 82-year-old Alpha Conde had garnered 59.5% of the vote. The victory still needs approval by the Constitutional Court. However, his opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo, 68, said he would contest the result, claiming large-scale fraud and rigging. 

The electoral commission announced that Mr Diallo won 33.5% of the ballots. Mr Diallo has since said, “We are still going to refer the matter to the constitutional court, without having too many expectations.

President Conde maintains that a constitutional vote in March allowed him to run despite a two-term limit. Opponents say he is violating the law by holding on to power.

Meanwhile, Guinean media reports confirm that at least 30 people have died since last week on Sunday. Still, dozens more have been killed in the months after Mr Condé said he would run for the presidency again. 

About Conde, critics say that the country’s economic growth has not trickled down to the majority of the population. Many young Guineans are unable to find work, and power cuts are widespread.