3 Nov – News Making Headlines in Africa

Zonk News Headlines

Petrol and diesel prices will decrease on Wednesday.

South Africa – The energy department announced that fuel prices are set to reduce on Wednesday midnight. Petrol will go down by 27cents per litre while diesel will l decrease by 11cents and 12 cents. The reduction in fuel prices was because of the drop in Brent Crude oil price and the sustained rand strength against dollars over the weeks.

Leaders’ incompetency in Kenya has led to several projects being delayed.

Kenya – Hundreds of projects in Kenya came to a halt because of the non-performance of political leaders. Over 360 billion shillings is about to go down the drain due to negligence. The auditor-general Nancy Ganthungu put some regions on notice, noting that not all of them submitted financial statements. She stated that they carried out a background check on all audits, and all evidence is not based on social media allegations.

European Union gives 116million dollars to Mozambique.

Mozambique – Mozambique gets 116 million dollars from the European Union for budget support. The EU was banned for four years since 2016 after a debt crisis with the country. The minister of foreign affairs, Veronica Macamo mentioned that the money would be for this year and 2021. The European Union has also promised that it will help the country by giving support to tackle Islamist insurgency in the country.

Matric students to start exams on Thursday.

South Africa – Grade 12 students in South Africa are getting ready to write the National Senior Certificate examination, which will begin on the 5th of November till the 15th of December 2020. A total of 1 058 699 candidates will be writing the exams. The deputy minister of primary education, Dr Regina Mhaule admonished the students to keep on working hard and applauded the teachers for backing up the students regardless of the covid-19 disruption of the academic year.

Employment vacancy for 488 teachers in Namibia.

Namibia – The ministry of education, arts and culture in Namibia has noted that there are 488 unoccupied spaces for unemployed teachers. The ministry found out after an internal audit was done around the country to address the issue of under and overstaffing in primary schools. Unemployed teachers who are certified are expected to be considered as a priority in the recruitment process.

Staff of judicial court in Liberia burned himself for unpaid salary.

Liberia – Leroy Archie Ponpon, a Liberian worker at Liberia’s temple of justice, set himself ablaze in front of the supreme court. This was as a result of a futile protest by employees to get their salary for almost a year. The worker is presently at the hospital in critical condition. The justice ministry has not responded to any comments regarding the case.