America Ready to Vote Today

Voters will go to the polls today to choose Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Picture Morry Gash and Jim WatsonAFPGetty

Today is Election Day in the US. More than 96 million Americans have already voted — making it likely that the total turnout will hit a record.

Already, there is a great split between early voters and Election-Day voters for both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The polls have shown Mr Biden in the lead.

The first polls close at midnight GMT, but election officials in the US have sounded caution the result may not be known for some time. However, it is not possible to have an official winner by tonight, and it is even unclear whether there will be a projected winner.

With states counting ballots after election day, and deadlines for official results weeks away, those hoping for a definitive result will be disappointed. Even if Joe Biden looks to have gained an unassailable lead on election night, it is highly doubtful that his opponent will admit defeat.

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