Zonk Launches Online Radio Station, Zonk Radio

Zonk Media is proud to announce a new online radio station, Zonk Radio. Backed by Zonk’s multimedia assets in news, magazine, television and music, Zonk Radio is poised to spearhead African music, movie premieres and business in the continent. While maintaining the Zonk mantra, ‘Black to the Future’, the radio will be pivotal in celebrating Africa and its people.

Zonk Radio is dedicated to representing the best of Africa and will scout up-and-coming talent from the entire continent. “To show our African pride, we have launched this virtual radio station to allow easy access to news, music and other information on the move anywhere”, said Dineo Phasha, CEO of Zonk Media.

She added, “We understand that virtual radio is a natural choice for a generation accustomed to on-demand services like Netflix. With more women in the mix, we are also trying to create an important demographic for advertisers.”

Zonk is a notable media house recognized for celebrating Africa and bringing Africa closer to an international audience. The company aims to offer a platform and services that stand out for their quality, creativity, originality and relevance while optimizing the investments of partners and advertisers.

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