16 Nov – News Making Headlines in Africa

Zonk News Headlines

– Solly Msimanga has been elected as Gauteng’s DA leader.
In South Africa, former City of Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga has been elected as the Democratic Alliance party leader for Gauteng province. The elections took place at a virtual conference and the outcome of the elections followed the DA elections rules and regulations, voters see it as a free and fair election. The newly elected leader mentioned after his acceptance speech that he will prioritize the effective provision of basic services in Gauteng. He also urged all DA members to be united before the local government election commences as people will not vote for a partitioned party.

– Zimbabwe-born Blessing Chitapa won the Voice UK for the year 2020.
Zimbabwean teenager Blessing Chitapa was crowned the winner of the Voice United Kingdom edition for the year 2020. She was selected by ITV competition virtual audience, the Voice is a reality singing competition hosted in the United Kingdom that brings all singers from all over the country. The competition was put on hold since March and resumed in October due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 18-year-old Zimbabwean lives in Dudley, West Midlands and mentored by Olly Murs a British singer and songwriter, she mentioned that winning the competition is her greatest achievement and she is proud of how far she has come and what the future holds.

– Bushiri and his wife have become fugitives and offenders of the law.
Controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary have become fugitives as the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa is set to issue an arrest warrant in alignment with the criminal procedure act. The authorities also plan on cancelling the bail issued by the Pretoria magistrate court. South Africa has started the extradition process from Malawi in terms of the SADC protocol. The prophet and his wife fled the country to seek refuge in their home country Malawi over the weekend. The preacher was accused of money laundering, fraud and theft in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. He mentioned that there have been several plots to kill him and his wife which is why he ran for his life as he called it a ‘tactical withdrawal’. The investigation is still ongoing in the case.

– And fourteen members of Al-Shabaab and ISIS has been arrested in Ethiopia.
In Ethiopia, fourteen alleged members of terrorist group Al-Shabab and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have been arrested by the National Intelligence and Security Service with the allegation that they are in charge of planning all terrorist attacks in Addis-Ababa and are on a mission to attack the country. The Islamist groups used the security state of the country to perpetuate their operations, especially at the Northern Tigray regional government after two airports were targeted. One of the arrested terrorists Abdul Abdi Jamal has been in direct contact with the al-Shabab leader in Somalia. Several types of equipment and communication materials were collected. The group remains a threat to countries located in the horn of Africa including Somalia and Ethiopia.