Chimphondah Media House Kenya Holds Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Chimphondah Media House CEO, Chimphonda Madinoge Fikile and the Staff during a luncheon at Kempinski Villa Rosa Nairobi.

Chimphondah Media House Kenya held a staff appreciation luncheon at the 5-star hotel, Kempinski Villa Rosa Nairobi, on Friday, December 11.

The event aimed at acknowledging the staff’s hard work, creating a more friendly working environment and developing creative plans that result in better performance and positive business results.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Executive Officer, Chimphonda Madinoge Fikile, expressed her gratitude to the staff for attending the dinner and pulling together concerted efforts to ensure the company runs smoothly.

“I appreciate every single effort made by every one of you. You might think that I don’t see but believe me, I do. Trust me. I do,” She said.

The CEO led a gift presentation session, where she issued trophies and certificates to the exemplary performers in the company.

The employees were treated to entertainment, fine dining, and through a bottle or two of suds. In a brief moment, an interesting short moment of gossip about who did what with who and where was created as the celebration came to an end.

The lunch was a great bit of reflection and reconciliation as the management got to hear what the staff think, thus contributing to a feeling of community.