Government Caution Kenyans to Avoid Upcountry Travels

The state has urged Nairobi residents to avoid travelling upcountry to curb spreading Covid-19 to the vulnerable elderly people.

Speaking at KICC, Nairobi on Locust Invasion and Government Response, among other issues of national importance, government spokesperson, Cyrus Oguna urged citizens to ensure upholding all the Covid-19 measures during the festive seasons.

“Let us wear our masks, wash hands regularly, sanitize, avoid crowded areas and adhere to the public transport capacity guidelines,” said Oguna.

He added that the only way to show love to relatives living in upcountry is to send them gifts, not visiting them in this current situation of the pandemic, and being each other’s keeper.

“You can send something to them using other means, if you really love your parents, do not visit them during this situation. The situation is really out there and we know what it can do if our parents are attacked by it. Stay away until the situation normalizes. I appeal to our young people in urban centres to stay away,” Oguna marked his speech.