Government Deploys Over 100 NYS to Tackle Locust Invasion

Desert locust. Photo Source: FAO/twitter

Kenya – The government has arrayed over 100 National Youth Service (NYS) and more than 20 health officials trained on locust control to help tackle locust invasion in various counties.

“We have a sufficient amount of pesticides and already 200,000 litres have been delivered to respective control basis. We also have a stock of over 500,000 assorted pesticides. So, all is well,” Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna said.

Kenya has surveyed and put in place control exercises to tackle the challenge of the second wave of locust invasion in the country as forewarned by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in November.

FAO advised the government to take measures to control the locusts which are harmful and might lead to food insecurity.

Spray aircraft have been stationed in Mandera and Garissa counties, which were adversely affected by the attack. Control centres have also been established in Mandera and Witu in Lamu County.

“As a government, we are keenly monitoring the situation and we have deployed necessary interventions to lit further infestation and spread to the neighbouring Counties. Two airbases in Mandera and Lamu are already up and the plan is to contain and destroy locusts from where they currently are,” Oguna added.

The fierce locusts have attacked several countries in the horn of Africa, threatening crops destruction in plantations long their way. As the second wave is projected, locusts are breeding in Ethiopia and might cross to Kenya around December.