BBI Is Not My ‘Backdoor’ To Statehouse, says Raila

BBI Is Not My ‘Backdoor’ To Statehouse, says Raila
ODM leader, Raila Odinga. Image source: courtesy

NAIROBI, Kenya— Former prime minister, Raila Odinga has refuted claims that he was using the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to ascend to the presidency.

Raila on Friday termed the “claims” as baseless allegations by his political opponents, instead say Kenyans are the ones who will decide to elect a president of their choice, and not through any other arrangements.

“BBI is not Raila’s back door to the statehouse. Not at all. If Raila wants to get to the statehouse, Kenyans will take him there.” The ODM leader said.

Raila was addressing Mourners at Kisii during the funeral service for former Bonchari MP Oroo Oiyoka.

The ODM leader also drummed for BBI saying its proposals will propel the country to new development heights.

He also commended members of county assemblies who ensured constitutional amendment bill 2020 met the required threshold to proceed to the next stage.

“BBI is now in parliament and it will then go to the people. We will then come to tell you more about the niceties contained in the BBI. BBI is good for this and future generations of our country,” He said.

Meanwhile, Deputy President Ruto speaking during a different function at the new Kamarich Tea factory in Aldai constituency, said he is comfortable under any constitutional dispensation.