‘Firirinda’ is The Kind of Content We Want, Says Ezekiel Mutua

(L) KFCB Chief Executive Ezekiel Mutua, Firirinda composer Dick Munyonyi (R).

NAIROBI, Kenya— The trending Firirinda song has been endorsed by Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) in a thrilling comeback since it was released nearly thirty-five years ago.

Composed and performed by Dick Munyonyi, the song hit its peak on Thursday as Kenyans participated in #FiririndaChallenge initiated by journalist Jeff Kuria who shared the song on his Facebook page last week.

The tune has become quite a sensation across social media, caught the attention of KFCB Chief Executive Ezekiel Mutua, commonly known on social media circles as Kenya’s moral police, who endorse it.

Mutua who has been at loggerheads with a section of local artists over ‘inappropriate content explained, FIRIRINDA is a Kikuyu traditional golden oldie that depicts the warmth and joy of welcoming guests in a home, therefore, fit for consumption by Kenyans of all ages.

“FIRIRINDA (Free Rinda) is the kind of content we want. It’s a nice traditional song based on Kenya’s culture. The song is approved by KFCB for consumption by people of all ages. It depicts the warmth and joy of welcoming visitors (the African way)!” Mutua wrote on Twitter.

‘Free Rinda’ means a dress put on by women would move freely whenever they hit a dance floor.

Munyonyi began his music career in 1971 and even performed at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s wedding in 1989.

The Kikuyu musician stopped singing a few years ago after losing his voice. He has since become helpless, grounded with 37 albums under his belt.