Ghana: Shatta Wale Threatens to Beat Music Producer for Exposing Him as “Stingy”

(L)Dancehall artist Shatta Wale, (R) Producer MOG

ACCRA, Ghana—Shatta Waleself-proclaimed richest music talent in Ghana has been exposed for not paying producer MOG who worked on his ‘Reign Album’ several years ago.

A series of tweets on Sunday by John Kwesi Dosunmu-Mensah popularly known as MOG-one of Ghana’s finest music producers revealed that although the album was a success and the Ten songs, he worked on made waves, he did not get a dime out of the work he did.

“Money Man @shattawalegh, me I see you as a big brother I never had. I know say your no be STINGY like that lol. I produced 10 songs on the #ReignAlbum but ano see no CASH from you since 2018. Seeing this made me laugh sooo hard Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy.” Producer MOG tweeted.

The producer further said he raised the issue, not to compel the artist to pay the debt rather to create a platform where fellow producers can speak out any ill done by Shatta.

“Naa bro, I don’t need it, I just want more producers to speak if they have issues, better still, try and avoid this kinda issue,” he added.

Shatta Wale reacting to the allegation indicated that he will beat the music producer wherever he meets him because he needs to have a police case with him.

“Infant ago beat you Mek this matter turn police case … cuz I feel me and you forget police case make I waste your time and my time small”. Shatta wrote

He also explained that he already paid money to MOG’s poor mother thus owed the producer nothing.

“I gave you 400p cash down for your mother and today this is what you deh tell me … Oh don’t blame you. I blame poverty, I pray for riches for everybody !!” The Dancehall artist added.

Shatta Wale asserted that with such scandals, he will not work with any other Ghanian producer in the future because he can do music production by himself.