Chad: Deby’s son, Mahamat takes over military, transitional period to last 18 months

General Mahamat Idriss Deby, the son the President of Chad (Photo by Patrick ROBERT/Corbis via Getty Images)

N’Djamena, Chad— Lt. Gen. Mahamat Idriss Deby has been appointed the head of the transitional council in Chad following the death of his father and immediate past President Idriss Deby in the aftermath of the battle against extremists.

Chad’s military council announced that the transitional period will last for 18 months. the council also ordered all borders to be closed and a nationwide curfew will be imposed from 6:00pm until 5:00am local time.

“Land and air borders are closed until further notice,” the statement read on. The council also announced it would dissolve the cabinet and parliament.

Chad held presidential elections last week that emerged the late president as the winner, extending his 30-year rule with a sixth-year term.

The country has, however, been battling militants from the rebel movements; the extremist Boko Haram and now the allegedly called The Front for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT).

General Azim Bermandoa Agouna, the Chad Army spokesperson, announced the country “defeated a group of terrorists who had ventured into the north of the Kanem province” and “totally decimated” them during Saturday’s battle.

“The transitional military council ensures national independence, territorial integrity, unity, respect for international agreements and treaties, and also ensures a transition within 18 months,” the council said in a statement, published on the presidential website.