Five family Members including a Child Die in arson attack

Five family Members including a Child Die in arson attack. [Image: Courtesy]
LUWEERO, Uganda — Five family members including a 12 year-old boy identified as Kevin have succumbed to burns following an alleged arson attack that took place at their home.

It is reported that suspected arsonists attacked the home of Edward Ssekandi in Kabanyi village, Bamunaika Sub County and burnt to death his family members.

Until his death, Ssekandi was an LC2 chairperson (Local Chairperson).

Three members died in the fire while two others including Ssekandi and Kevin escaped with injuries. The two have been pronounced dead.

The other three who were burnt earlier are said to have travelled from Busoga Sub-region to visit Ssekandi. They have been identified as Irene Nangobi, Eseza Naigaga and Amos Wante.

Police say the incident is a suspected arson case and they are conducting investigation.

According to Mr Ssemogerere, “The preliminary police investigations point to suspected arson because the attackers allegedly locked the door from outside and used petrol in the attack.”

“These are unfortunate incidents. Nobody has a right to resort to such inhuman acts of any dispute that needs to be resolved.”

Mr.Edmond Ssegalye who is a resident of Kabanyi village said they were unable to rescue all occupants of the house since arsonists had closed the door from outside.

“We responded to an alarm from Ssekandi’s home. We cannot explain the motive of the attackers but the incident left us startled,” he said.

Another resident Ms Aidah Nantaba said the family members were still struggling inside the house by the time she arrived.

She said, “I believe the attackers had intended to have the entire family killed. This is very unfortunate. We have not had such an incident in a long time. We need to learn to resolve our differences in a human way.  Life is precious. We call upon the police to investigate the matter.”

This incident is the second following another similar attack that took place at Kiziba Village in Nakaseke District in February. It claimed the lives of four family members.