Mali woman gives birth to nine babies

Mali woman gives birth to nine babies. [Image: Courtesy]
BAMAKO, Mali — A 25 year-old Malian woman has given birth to nine babies at a hospital in Morocco.

The woman identified as Halima Cisse is said to have had a safe delivery on Tuesday after a two week medical stay at a hospital in Bamako before being transferred to Morocco.

Evaluation from Doctors in Mali and Morocco show that Cisse was initially expected to have seven babies but she gave birth to nine through caesarean.

During ultrasounds, the doctors only noticed seven babies and missed out on two siblings.

The ministry stated that In March Interim leader of Mali’s transitional government ordered authorities to fly her to Morocco since she needed special care.  She was admitted at a clinic in Morocco.

A written statement from the Mali Health Ministry says that Cisse gave birth to five girls and four boys and they are all doing well.

Nonuplets are very rare and births of this kind are often faced with medical complications.  Sometimes some of the babies do not survive.