Cameroon jails two transgender women for “attempted homosexuality”

Cameroon jails two transgender women for “attempted homosexuality” [Image: Courtesy]
YAOUNDE, Cameroon — Two transgender women in Cameroon are facing a five-year jail term for flouting homosexuality laws.

The two, Loic Njeukim alias Shakiro and her friend Roland Mouthe alias Patricia, have today been sentenced after being found guilty of “attempted homosexuality.”

According to their lawyers, the pair who were arrested in February 2021 were found guilty of the charge as well as outraging public decency and problems with their Identification Cards.

The two were also fined 200,000 francs each and if they fail to pay the fine, they will face another year in prison which is separate from the five-year sentence.

“It’s a hammer blow. It’s the maximum term outlined in the law. The message is clear: homosexuals don’t have a place in Cameroon,” said Alice Nkom who is one of their lawyers.

Richard Tamfu, also a lawyer representing the pair said that they will appeal against the ruling since there is no proof showing the two committed homosexual acts.

Cameroon is among 31 countries in Africa that criminalizes gay sex. Human rights have come out saying this arrest is part of a growing trend in the country to criminalize minorities and transgender people.

Shakiro is a YouTuber with massive followers on social media, Patricia on the other hand is highly profiled. Critics claim this prosecution is a political decision.