Tourism CS wants privatization of game parks and tourism outfits

Tourism CS wants privatization of game parks and tourism outfits. [Image: Courtesy]
NAIROBI, Kenya — Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala has revealed that the government is hinting at a new model of business for the tourism sector which will see the privatization of convention centres, national parks and game reserves.

While speaking at the European Union Green Diplomacy Webinar held yesterday, the CS said the above public facilities will be managed by private agencies.

He added that the sector is unable to run the business due to the covid-19 pandemic reiterating that the tourism industry should inform changes on its business models.

“The pandemic has taught us lessons. We have woken up to a new reality that we must change.  Nobody is left out and anybody going to open up after the pandemic must be refreshed.”

According to Balala, the sector is eyeing new investments and exploring new business models that will ease entry into new markets.

He also questioned why the State still manages key facilities noting that the private-public partnership is a good example of how the model can work.

“Why does the government run a national park? These are things that need to be corrected, and this is the time to think again…. Why don’t we outsource and make it more efficient? ” He said.

Balala said that the proposed model is aimed at reducing the number of institutions in the tourism sector as it will rely heavily on technology.

He also said the adoption of technology post Covid-19 should go beyond Facebook and Twitter noting that the whole business economy depends on sales applications.

“Nobody imagined that there is a market called the domestic market. Not only Kenya; we tried it but a lot of countries never appreciated their local and domestic clientele who are the people around you,” he said.