South Africa: Eskom suspends Koeburg General Manager

South Africa: Eskom suspends Koeburg General Manager, [Image:Courtesy]
JOHANNNESBURG, South Africa — Embattled power utility Eskom has announced that it has suspended the general manager of the Koeburg power station following performance related issues.

“Eskom can confirm that today the Koeburg power station General Manager was placed under suspension while investigations into the performance of the Koeburg Nuclear Power station are conducted.  Said Eskom through its spokesperson Sikhonathi Mantshantsha.

Following this suspension, the company’s Chief Nuclear Officer Riedewaan has been tasked to oversee all operations of the power station.

Eskom said that the Koeburg power station has had a power outage since January this year adding that it could have helped in outages during the loadshedding period experienced in the country since last week.

“one of Eskom’s biggest generating units with a capacity of 900MW,Koeburg Unit 1 has been on an outage since January 2021, and could have assisted in reducing the depth of load shedding had the unit been brought back on time as originally planned.

“Eskom confirms that there are no nuclear safety concerns at Koeburg, and if needed the required time will be taken to complete all of the outstanding work-scope before returning unit 1 to the grid.” Said Mantshantsha.

Eskom said that it has been concerned with outage performance at the station adding that the recent ountage on unit 1 has been plagued with delays which have caused significant slippage on the return to service during the third week.

Koeburg power station unit 1 is expected to resume its operation on the third week of this month.

“Eskom leadership and the board encourage Koeburg staff to continue to focus on the remaining outage work and safely returning unit 1 as soon as possible, as it is an essential part of the national fleet of generating assets.” Said Eskom.