Ghana Supreme court nullifies police injunction, police warn public against joining demo

Ghana Supreme court nullifies police injunction, police warn public against joining demo [Image: Courtesy]
GHANA — Following Supreme Court’s decision to nullify police injunction against demonstrations dubbed #FixTheCountry, Ghana police have now issued a strong warning  to the public from joining the protests.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court quashed a High Court order that blocked organisers from staging demonstrations.

The Ghana police service had filed an ex-parte motion seeking an injunction against the planned protests by members of the social media movement.

The ruling by High Court prohibited planned protest until the restriction on public gathering was lifted.

“It is hereby ordered that the organizers /conveners of  #FixTheCountry  protest march, their associates, officers, agents, assigns and workmen are prohibited from embarking on any demonstration on Sunday , 9th May 2021, or any other date until the restriction on public gatherings is lifted by the appropriate authority.” Said High Court in its ruling.

Yesterday however, the Supreme Court nullified the May ruling paving way for renewed demonstrations.

In a turn of events, the Head of the Public Affairs Unit of the Command, DSP Effia has in a news release advised the public to disregard any call to demonstrate.

“The decision of the Supreme Court was based on the indefinite terms in which the ex-parte order was made.

However the Supreme Court refused to restrain the Ghana Police Service  or their agents , assigns, workmen or workmen from unlawfully interfering with the constitutional right of the conveners of the ’Fix-the Country’ protest from embarking on a public  demonstration.” Said the news release.

#FixTheCountry is an initiative by campaigners who hope to protest against the high cost of living in the country while demanding for better governance.