Mali: New Prime Minister sets roadmap for 2022 civilian rule

New Prime Minister sets roadmap for 2022 civilian rule. [Image: Courtesy]
MALI — Following his appointment as the country’s new Prime minister, Choguel Kokalla Maiga has in his capacity set priorities geared towards a return in civilian power ahead of February 2022 elections.

In a meeting aimed at setting the country’s priorities, his first since his appointment, the Prime Minister said his government hopes to create an independent electoral body as well as re-visit the 2015 peace agreement signed by an alliance of former Tuareg independence and Arab nationalist armed groups.

The agreement was signed after the two fought against Malian Forces in 2012.

“We will consider the creation of a single independent electoral management body, universally requested by the political class and civil society.

“Legal proceedings following the killings and abuses against the victims of the events of July 2020 will also be initiated.” Said the Prime Minister while addressing government.

Maiga assured that his government will reinforce its plans so as to salvage Mali’s democracy following a two-time coup d’état in just nine months.

The meeting was also aimed at prioritizing the improvement of security, political and institutional reform as well as the organization of the forthcoming elections.

“We are in a race against time. Malians are watching us and are counting on the success of this transition which, for many of them, seems to be the last chance to save the nation,” said Maiga

Maiga was appointed Prime Minister by ‘self-declared’ interim president Collonel Assimi Goitta.

Goita seized power in May after he spearheaded a coup that overthrew both the president, Bah Ndaw and prime minister, Moctar Ouane.

The two leaders were arrested following Goita’s orders and would later be forced to resign. Their ouster followed a government reshuffle which saw two former coup leaders left out. According to Goita, the reshuffle was aimed at sabotaging the country’s transition.

Goita has assured of his commitment to hold elections in February next year.  The government however retains military control over strategic ministries.

Mali is among some of the western and Central African countries going through instability and military coup.

The country has experienced frequent attacks by Islamist groups linked To Al-Qaeda and Islamic State.