Sigh of relief for traders as Burundi reopens its borders with Tanzania

Burundi reopens its borders with Tanzania. [Image: Courtesy]
BURUNDI — Burundi has announced the re-opening of the Kobero-Kabanga and Mugina borders with Tanzania.

This comes as a reprieve to many traders who mainly use the borders to import and export goods to and from Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam port.

In January, Burundi had closed its maritime borders following the country’s historic surge in the number of Covid-19 cases.

In a bid to curb Covid­-19, the government enforced tighter measures which included closure of borders, social and distancing and mass testing among others.

Burundi has also reopened its borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Quarantine for all travellers, and all mandatory quarantines countrywide now have been suspended but the travellers are expected to self-quarantine at their homes or a hotel of their choice for 24 hours waiting test results through their emails.

“The border of Kobero and Mugina is now open for travellers and they will have to test for Covid-19 as well as continuing their travels.” Said Jean Baptiste Nzoriro Nkankuze, The permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Public Health.