Algeria’s FLN party wins preliminary elections

Algeria’s FLN party wins preliminary elections. [Image: Courtesy]
ALGERIA — Electoral board, National Elections Authority has announced that the country’s National Liberation Front (FLN) party has won the parliamentary elections.

FLN is said to have secured 105 out of 407 seats in the Saturday elections which saw a historic lower turn out at 23%.

FLN’s win was unexpected since the party was considered as weak following its link with former ousted President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Despite its win, the party is said to have lost 50 seats and controls less than a quarter of the new assembly; a significant decline compared to previous elections.

Independent candidates secured 78 seats with the country’s main islamist party, the Movement of Society of Peace (MSP) claiming 64 seats.

The Democratic National Rally (RND) which is also said to have links with the former president got 57 seats.

The elections which were held on Saturday saw a low voter turnout of only 5.6 million people out of 24 million eligible voters. The electoral body recorded over one million invalid votes.

Electoral commission chief Mohammed Chorfi assured that the elections were fair and corruption free.

“The foundations of this Parliament were built in freedom and transparency by the people,” said Mohamed Chorfi.

Snap parliamentary elections were held in Algeria on 12 June 2021 to elect all 407 members of the People’s National Assembly. Initially expected for 2022, the elections are being held early in the context of a constitutional amendment carried out by a referendum in November 2020.