Ethiopia’s Tigray faces looming famine, UK warns

Ethiopia’s Tigray faces looming famine, UK warns. [Image: Courtesy]
ETHIOPIA — In a move to combat an impending famine that could kill thousands of people in conflict-afflicted Tigray region, the United Kingdom has called for support to help solve the dire situation.

British ambassador Barbara Woodward has pledged for a further 16.7 million pounds ($23.6 million) in UK government aid for Ethiopia.

According to Woodward, an estimated 350,000 people in Tigray are facing hunger owing to the lack of food, livestock and agricultural tools.

“We would welcome a discussion that would look at support of African-led solutions and, working with regional initiatives to bring this crisis to an end.” Said Woodward

Tigray region faces a prolonged conflict that ensued in November 2020 between government forces and troops in the region.

The conflict follows Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s move to send troops to a military base in northern Tigray which borders Eritrea and Sudan.

Since then, massacres have been reported with some killed and thousands displaced from their homes.

While the violence continues, it is not only condemning the people of Tigray to desperate hunger this year, but next year too. Millions of people’s lives hang in the balance.

“The solution is clear – a ceasefire, humanitarian access, and political dialogue … Without a ceasefire, this could become a man-made famine,” Woodward warned.

The food crisis in Tigray is considered the worst since the Somalia famine which killed nearly 260,000 people in 2013.

According to a UN report, half of those who died were young children.