Nigeria’s service could be disrupted owing to rising insecurity

Nigeria’s service could be disrupted owing to rising insecurity. [Image: Courtesy]
ABUJA, Nigeria — South Africa’s multinational mobile telecommunications company MTN has warned of service disruptions in Nigeria following escalating insecurity in the country.

In a message to its customers, MTN Nigeria informed of rising insecurity while acknowledging its services could be disrupted.

“Sadly, we must inform you that with the rising insecurity in different parts of Nigeria, service delivery to your organization may be impacted in the coming days.

“This means that in some cases, our technical support team may not be able to get to your site and achieve optimum turnaround time in fault management as quickly as possible.” said MTN Nigeria in its message.

Being the most populous nation in Africa with an estimated 209 million people as of 2019, Nigeria has the most lucrative market compared to the other 22 countries where MTN operates.

MTN runs Nigeria’s largest mobile phone which generates around a third of the company’s revenue.

However the country is plagued by escalating insecurities caused by communal violence, criminal gang attacks carrying out mass kidnappings and multiple insurgencies.

The country also faces food inflation and stalled reforms which have destabilized Nigeria’s economy.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa MTN operates majorly in Africa including Nigeria. It also has a presence in Asia and the Middle East.