Sudan regains security control as peacekeeping forces depart the country

Sudan regain security control as peacekeeping forces depart. [Image: Courtesy]
SUDAN — Khartoum will now assume total control of the country’s security forces following the United Nations peacekeepers’ phase-out that ended on June 30.

In 2007, African Union and United Nations Peacekeepers had rooted grounds in Darfur, Sudan to help promote peace after conflict between the government and rebel groups engulfed the country.

The conflict claimed the lives of 300, 000 people and displaced three million.

In December 2020, the UN Security Council terminated (African Union-United Nation’s (UNAMID) operations  in Sudan thus implementing a phase out that stipulated peacekeepers should halt its operations by June 30 and leave the country.

UN assistant secretary-general in charge of UNAMID, Babacar Cisse will oversee the phase-out period.

“Good coordination and cooperation with the government of Sudan has been crucial in meeting the tight timetable and criteria set by the Security Council for the phase-out period.” Said Cisse

UNAMID has said it has handed over 14 sites to Sudan’s government who have vowed to use them for civilian purposes including healthcare, education, vocational training among other social services.

“Likewise, it will be important for the government to ensure the protection of the logistics base and the repatriation of the remaining staff to facilitate a smooth liquidation phase.” Added Cisse

UNAMID has been in the country for over a decade and has seen over 100,000 military and police keepers deployed to war-torn Darfur to bring stability in the region.

The peacekeepers’ ouster will now see Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok test his abilities in restoring and maintaining the country’s peace and security.