Zuma’s foundation says court’s ruling was “emotional and angry”

Zuma’s foundation says court’s ruling was “emotional and angry” [Image: Courtesy]
SOUTH AFRICA — The Jacob Zuma Foundation has in a statement said that the recent ruling by the constitutional court sentencing the former president to fifteen months in jail was “emotional and angry.”

“The Jacob Zuma Foundation denounces Judge Khampepe’s judgment as judicially emotional and angry and not consistent with our constitution.”

“At a bare minimum … the courts must act independently and without bias, with unremitting fidelity to the law, and must be seen doing so. That did not happen in the constitutional court,” read a statement by the foundation.

On Tuesday, Deputy Chief Justice Sisi Khamphephe delivered the 15-month jail term ruling adding that the court was obliged to do since Zuma repeatedly ignored court orders during his term as president.

Zuma’s foundation has however disagreed with Khamphephe, saying that the ruling was against the law. It also claims that the commission was bias since the case was arbitrated by Zondo’s colleauges.

“Our Patron has expressed his doubts about the lawfulness of the Zondo Commission, the biased manner in which it is being conducted, and the fact that it has been transformed into a “slaughterhouse” and a forum in which all kinds of unsubstantiated and defamatory allegations have been made against him,” the foundation said

The Zondo commission is public inquiry that was launched during Zuma’s term as president to investigate allegations of state capture, corruption, fraud, and other allegations in the public sector including organs of state” in South Africa.

The commission has been tasked to investigate a case involving Zuma and the Gupta brothers who are accused of plundering state coffers during the ex-leader’s time in office.

Zuma who also faces multiple corruption cases, has ignored court summons and only appeared once in 2019 before staging a walk-out as the court proceedings were ongoing.