Ethiopia: government eats humble pie, urges Tigrayan rebels to join in ceasefire

Government eats humble pie, urges Tigrayan rebels to join in ceasefire. [Image: Courtesy]
TIGRAY, Ethiopia — Less than two days after threatening to re-enter war-zone Tigray, the government has now taken a U-turn and is now calling on rebel group TPLF (Tigray’s People Liberation Front) to join in on the Monday 28 ceasefire.

Government had unilaterally declared a ceasefire in Tigray claiming that the withdrawal was meant to allow farmers take advantage of the planting season.

TPLF however termed the ceasefire as a ‘joke’ saying it had defeated government by taking over total control of the region.

Following pressure from international players and the persisting humanitarian crisis that threatens the lives of over 350 000 people, government has now retreated in the conflict.

“For this (ceasefire) to be fully implemented, as they say, it needs two to tango, so the other side needs to react,” Ethiopian foreign ministry spokesman Dina Mufti said.

Mufti has also raised concerns on how people in Tigray will get aid since humanitarian agencies have been barred from entering the region that has seen communication and electricity lines cut.

More then 350 000 people including 30,000 children in Tigray risk death to extreme famine and lack of humanitarian aid.

The US agency for International Development has estimated the number at 900,000.

“It is urgent to get additional staff and supplies into Tigray, restore electricity and telecoms, and ensure that cash and fuel are available throughout the region for the continuity of humanitarian operations,” an OCHA spokesperson, Hayat Abu Salah, capture

TPLF has vowed to use every means possible to capture soldiers who are still in Tigray and allied to the government.

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