This is how top designers collaborate to sail through “solopreneurship”

Fashion Trends and Styles. [Image: Courtesy]
Nigeria— With the numerous hurdles and barricades that come along in the fashion design business, it’s easy to feel challenged and even have the sentiments of giving up. However, on the flip, we can seek comfort on the side that there is actually development even though it’s really gradual.

In ancient times many focused on job and office employment, salary opportunities were more embraced than anything, but with time unfolding entrepreneurship has gently taken over completely. Whether you attended any formal education or not, salary-paid workers are now having several side hustles.

Subsequent to the growth theory, the premier step of entrepreneurship is always the urge to protect your work, advance your brand and more emphasis on “your”

The goal and aspiration will be to become a top designer, like the few fashion designers who design alluring pieces of clothes and such magnificent plans.

And with a case study globally, all these designers who have managed to own prestigious companies, thrive in unity and collaboration. The focus is not on humans alone but animals nature and many more creatures. And at a closer angle, all signages show that’s only in a collaboration that perfection emanates.

A majority of fashion designers, more so the young or even established still hold the view there is winning in “solopreneurship” wanting to get to the apex on their own with the tenet that it is easy. No, it not.

Statistics and interviews with the biggest minds in the design industry indicate that out of 10% of those working in the industry 1% make it to the top as the majority remain on the baseline till collaboration comes in.

Any business person finding it difficult to scale their business up, to earn the amount of cash they dream of, even though they are good at their craft it’s time to try collaborating and stick on it as a main masterplan.

An example is if our main customers are ladies working in a corporate world, think of ways of fully serving them. 

Think of the full regalia your client will put on to work every day, search for colleague vendors that cater to your clients as well, meditate on collaborating and assembling your goodies then place them on an online platform for your clients. Your client will be happy finding all she needs in one place.