Zimbabwe: Jah Prayzah launches ‘Gwara’ album

Image caption: Jah Prayzah on a live stage performance
Image source: Instagram

Zimbabwe— Zimbabwean musician Mukudzeyi Mukombe a.k.a Jah Prayzah will officially launch his anticipated ‘Gwara” album today evening.

Prayzah’s album launch will be backed by fellow musicians from the country led by Trevor Dongo, Mwenje Mathole, Mbeu and Feli Nandi and the performances will be on the Gateway Stream music platform.

Prayzah released the audio songs for his new album last weekend and promised his fans a thrilling virtual performance today. A majority of his supporters expressing their thirst for the album and promising to tailor the content in it across the African continent.

The show planned to last three hours will be graced by several local artists to curtain raise the stage before the main action kicks in.

Fans will be on the lookout for the performance by Jah Prayzah, but still guessing if he will actually perform the entire songs in the album as promised.

With the restrictions coming along the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no live audience but the show will be free to those with the ability to access Gateway Stream Music.

According to the GateWay Stream Music project manager Ishe Makambira, all is set for tonight’s performance and zero glitches and technical errors are expected stating that everything has been tested and is on set.

“Fans can look forward to a scintillating performance, with Jah Prayzah showcasing his new album. The virtual show will start at 7pm. It was a good opportunity for us too as we managed to engage other cooperate entities to support the live streaming show happening tonight.” He spoke.

Sources indicate that last Sunday, the platform was overwhelmed by fans wanting to sample the audio songs in the album.”

“Some users had difficulty accessing the album when it was released at noon on Sunday due to a surge in traffic. We had a capacity challenge as our hosting capability did not have enough redundancy to accommodate the simultaneous high traffic volumes which were greater than we anticipated.” He said. 

Makambira also noted that the user traffic on the app made it pa perform at a much slower speed, resulting in delays in the logging-in process. 

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