Diamond Platnumz newly purchased Rolls Royco [image:instagram]
Tanzania—Tanzanian bongo star and dancer Naseeb Abdul a.k.a Diamond Platnumz has released a new hit titled ‘Iyo’ featuring south African rapper Focalsitic, Ntosh Gazi and musical group Mapara and A Jazz.

‘Iyo’ is a danceable track, light-hearted that will surely brighten any moment. It is diamond’s second release for the year. He started off the year with a top hit single, called Kamata. A song that that has been selling awesome around the globe and fans adoring it.

Kim Kayndo, head of a digital department at Diamond’s record label, WCB Wasafi, has opened up on the meaning of the song IYO, a famous Swahili word meaning ‘that’ and  mix of other Swahili words like ‘magodoro tumeweka maji’.

The general reflection of the song is partying, fun and winding up night and day. It also articulates hope and the power of living in the present, enjoying the moment but equally knowing for a better tomorrow, today must be worked on.

Diamond’s successful journey in the music industry has opened doors for him to collaborate with notable music artists across the globe. More exciting is the effort build from his African root singing Swahili bongo songs.

While speaking of his collaboration the “Kamata” hit maker added, “I believe in unity and peace and music is one of the biggest thing that connects different countries and bring people with different culture together that’s why I decided to join with my brothers in South Africa to motivate the people to keep the unity and peace.”

Another music director and distributor at Prime Music Partners added, “When I got an update about the new song, I was really excited diamond has blessed us with really nice hits and music over the years so it’s not lost in me that this collaboration will be another new hit.”

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