“Lockdown, A problem in disguise,” Double says

Doubles appreciates the Lockdown happening in his country. [image:courtesy]
Zimbabwe—Multi-talented dancehall artist Decide Razerera Marange known by many in the creative industry as Doubles Wekwa Marange, has affirmed that he will use the Covid-19 lockdown period as a platform to release more music, hoping that he satisfies the market and reaches more fans in the event with his already aligned work.

The dancehall star who recently was put on the spot after castigating celebrated dancehall musician Winky D of copying his work said in an interview that he was dropping his video for the single, “City to City” soon.

“I am happy to be releasing this video as a way to thank my fans for the support even amidst this lockdown period.” He said.

“The official song audio was released around March this year and its focus is on personal development as compared to checking on other people’s progress and being envious. The message is on self-belief and working hard to achieve personal dreams while avoiding shortcuts.”

The recent release will be following “Tinder”, which the artist produced in June in celebration of newfound love.

“Tinder was about celebrating the beauty of love as taken from social media networks and the hype that the platforms have brought”. He said

“My message was that love can be found anywhere but what is important is that one must value their partner and cherish them. The latest single titled ‘City to City’ will be out on Sunday and teaches people about the folly of jealousy. With the song I am saying, down with the sabotage and jealously because negative energy is counterproductive, it’s a beautiful song promoting coexistence and I hope fans will appreciate the flavor. I am not stopping and more videos and singles will be out this year.”

Doubles was born in Bocha Manicaland and grew up in Mutare Zimbabwe up to his O level then moved to Harare for his A level and joined Denmark college.



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